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        China Shenyang International Economic & Technical Cooperation Corporation Limited (CSYIC),founded in 1984 with the approval of the State Council, is a state-owned enterprise directly under the leadership of the Shenyang Municipal Government. As the sole and professional corporation for comprehensive foreign economic and technical cooperation business in Shenyang area, CSYIC mainly engages in domestic and overseas engineering contracting projects, foreign aid project to utilize the Chinese Government’s grants or preferential and/or concessional loans, domestic and overseas investment management, labor service and technical cooperation, import and export trade and others. CSYIC holds the qualifications of type class A for foreign aid projects and of type class B for foreign aid commodity projects by Chinese Government. In addition, CSYIC has got the first class or second class qualification certificates of the general contractor for building construction, municipal public works, machinery and electrical equipment installation, and the second class qualification certificates of the specialized contractor for building fitment and decoration, building intelligent engineering and steel structure works, all issued by the government authorities in charge of construction. And moreover, CSYIC has obtained the overseas qualifications of the general contractor for building construction and roads and bridges in Seychelles, Cameroon, Comoros, Togo, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries. CSYIC also passes certification of the quality management system of ISO 9001:2008, the environment management system of ISO14001:2004 and occupation health safety management system of GB/T 28001-2001.

        CSYIC, since its foundation, has established economic and technical cooperation relations with employers or owners in over 70 countries and regions by its own strength and unique feature. So far, CSYIC has completed more than 200 foreign aid and international contracted projects in the fields of industrial and civil building, water conservancy and electric power, ports and municipal public works and others. CSYIC has successively dispatched service personnel of more than 70000 person times to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, US, Russia, Australia and other countries and regions. CSYIC has also carried out equity or cooperative joint ventures and import & export trade business with a number of countries. In recent years, CSYIC has begun to direct its attention to projects of development and construction in the domestic market. Mow the total accumulated turnover of the overseas and domestic business has reached more than 3 billion USD. CSYIC has been ranked among the Top 225 International Contractors for successive years by the US journal of Engineering New Records. All the foreign aid projects undertaken by CSYIC are rated as excellent works.

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